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Making wax melts? Make it legal..

Updated: Mar 30

DISCLAIMER- I am not a lawyer,I am simply a small business owner. I encourage you to do your own research and make sure you are following all current legislations. I am simply just sharing what I have found along my way, the following information may not be correct and I cannot be held liable. I may have missed things off this list. Please be vigilant.

This is not a tutorial, just my blog on how I do things.

do your due diligence!

CLP..... UFI.... Food limitations.... etc etc etc


So, we covered CLP labels briefly in the previous post. In a nutshell- every scent you make needs a CLP label. Every time you buy a fragrance oil the supplier should provide you with CLP information. Also SDS and IFRA but if you're just making and selling wax melts to sell to individuals you only need to think about CLP. if you start supplying to people who intend to supply to someone else that's when you're going to have to concern yourself with the other information... although it doesn't hurt to do your homework and become well versed in all that is about wax melt making and selling.

If you're buying off a supplier who doesn't supply the data, you shouldn't be buying off them, it will invalidate your insurance. (please make sure you're insured) :)

Remember if you are using CLP's that state 10% you must not add more than 10% fragrance oil to your mixture or you will invalidate your CLP. (eg- 100g wax + 10g fragrance oil)

Never mix fragrance oils- this will invalidate your CLP. You can't mix 2 fragrance oils and add both their CLP's, this will not cover you. Mixing 2 fragrance oils is simply not doable.

You can print your own or you can have them made for you. I use they have always been great. Here is an example of a CLP label taken from

UFI numbers (Unique Formula Identifier)..... Well you may not have heard of these but if you have you are probably just as mystified. I wish I could shed some light. There was talk that we would need UFI numbers on products.

A UFI is a 16-character alphanumeric code that would be placed on the label of products that contain a hazardous mixture.

I am still looking into this but I am pretty confident that here in the UK we don't need a UFI number now that we are not in the EU.

Please do your own research and don't take my word for it

Food Imitations -

This is an important one. Don't make wax melts that look and smell like food. A snippet from the link I will add- I quote

'have a form, odour, colour, appearance, packaging, labelling, volume or size which is likely to cause persons, in particular, children to confuse them with food and in consequence to place them in their mouths or suck them or swallow them'

The Regulations prohibit persons from supplying, offering to supply, agreeing to supply, exposing for supply or possessing for supply any manufactured goods, subject to the exceptions mentioned below, which are ordinarily intended for private use and which are not food for human consumption (food being defined so as to include drink, chewing gum and similar products and materials used in preparing food or drink or such products) but have a form, odour, colour, appearance, packaging, labelling, volume or size which is likely to cause persons (particularly children) to mistake them for food and to put them in their mouths or suck them or swallow them with the result that they may suffer death or personal injury'

I implore you to do your own research into current legislations and to make sure you are always compliant. It is so important.

I also label every item I sell with an extra warning label.

It is vital that as a wax melt creator you follow this legislation (and all others that apply to wax melt makers) No brown coloured chocolate scented melts guys ;) some of them really do look good enough to eat!

I heavily colour and glitter my melts so that they do not resemble food in anyway. I stay away from food type scents, my only kind of snap bar in this category is vanilla and its splattered in vibrant blue wax or glitter simply so it doesn't look edible. There is so much to learn in this business, and it appears that this legislation isn't widely known about. Do contact your own local trading standards officer for clarification. I contacted mine and she sent me these two links

Both of these links are highly informative but it really would be wise to contact your local trading standards office if you're making and selling wax melts.

Finally I want to reiterate - PLEASE BE INSURED.

I will include a link here with everything you need to know about crafters insurance-

I will be back with a new post next week about running a a wax melt business, if you want to discuss anything about it please feel free to contact us or you can find us on instagram @brightbloommelts

Additionally if you think there is something important to add, please reach out.

My next post will be about my methods and how I create the best wax melts I have ever used (and I have used A LOT)


I have done further research into the UFI numbers... good news is that here in the UK we don't need UFI numbers. We are encouraged however to provide NPIS an SDS sheet. it is not mandatory. I will include a link to where I got this information. I have sent an email to Enviromental Hazards, I expect a reply back next week and I'll update here when I do. I just explained that I make and sell scented wax melts and asked if we do decide to submit SDS forms to NPIS, how do we do it, what information do we include etc.

Personally I will be submitting this data to them once I find out how.

Much Love & Peace Out Sarah

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