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New Releases

We have released many scents recently, our latest was Opium Noir & Bombshell (more commonly know as 'blonde moment) Both are incredible Opium Noir is classy and perfumed, Bombshell is bubbly and fresh.

A scent I have been working on this week is 'LOVE IN WHITE' - oh my word it is divine. If you're a wax melt veteran you may remember the now discontinued yankee melt in the scent of 'champaca blossom' and I think it is very reminiscent of that. Perfect for summer, its light and floral and clean and just perfect. (we are not in any way affiliated with any products or brands, ours simply may smell similar)

We have received many request for specific scents and quite a few we have been able to include these in our store. If there is something you are looking for please feel free to shoot us an email or catch us on instagram @brightbloommelts or find us on Facebook.

Previous blog posts give all information on how things are run here and how our products are made but if you have any questions please shoot them over, always happy to help wether you're a customer or a fellow vendor.

For vendors - An important blog is on how to keep things legal when making & selling wax melts from home.

So for now I would like to say thank you to all of our wonderful customers and I hope you're enjoying your melts and keeping your home filled with our wonderful diverse aromas

Much Love & Peace Out

Sarah :)

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