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Starting a wax melt business

Updated: Feb 14

If you're looking to set yourself up a business selling wax melts, or you want a a new hobby, or maybe you want to just make your own instead of buying them... then keep reading

I will assume you're looking to monetise from making wax melts

I will be completely transparent on how I have set up my business

DISCLAIMER- I am simply giving you the information I have found along the way, I am not a lawyer. Please always do your own research. Always seek qualified advice if you are unsure.This is just my experience of making wax melts and running a small business.

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This is not a tutorial, just my blog on how I do things.

Do your due diligence!!



There are so many types of wax you can use, this is a case of trial and error. I would suggest not bulk buying the first wax you find, you may not like it.

I personally use Ecosoya melt, I buy mine from I also use a company called

I find this wax ideal, it gives a great scent throw and I just love working with it, not to mention how its an eco wax. Soy wax is clean. I am currently trialling a new wax, rapeseed and coconut. I don't use paraffin, I don't feel like it gives the best scent throw and although its cheaper I would rather not work with it.

Fragrance Oils - I buy mine from

I find these to be the best quality I have tried to date. There are many fantastic suppliers out there, these are just my findings in my journey so far. I haven't had a bad experience yet. I have some favourite scents. I will do a future blog post on these. if you want any hints on scents I find strong or mild just shoot me an email and if I can advise I will be happy to help.

Melting Equipment-

Maybe you will buy a proper wax melter, or maybe you'll buy a pan and a jug or maybe a double boiler. There are many ways to melt your wax. I use a double boiler. I find that with it being steel its easier to clean than plastic. I bought mine off Amazon for less than £10.

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This is so so so so important. You are going to want to check the temperature of your wax when its melting and when it's cooling so you know when to add your fragrance oil. I recommend having more than 1, if one breaks you will have a back up



The world is your oyster. I make tarts using the small plastic pots from here

I use flower moulds, heart moulds, button mould, diamond moulds. You can pretty much make any shape you want. I buy most of mine from amazon.

(if you're making these melts to sell be wary of making melts that look like food, there are laws about this which I will cover in another post)

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Glitters, Mica, Dyes-

I assume you want your melts to look pretty. It depends on your brand I suppose. There is nothing wrong with clean looking plain wax melts. I like to use dyes, pretty glitters and mica powder. You can buy all of these from any of the suppliers I've mentioned. Always make sure you're using correct supplies, never assume you can use something that isn't specifically made for these purposes. Don't use craft glitter! make sure everything you buy is safe for heat. Everything I mention here is in regards to making wax melts. Making candles is a whole new ball game. There is an abundance of information out there about candle making, its not something I can cover, I much prefer wax melts. I also buy a lot of mine from a little goes a long way.

Weighing Scales-

You need to weigh out your wax, do this in grams not by millilitres. measure out your fragrance oil in grams and not in millilitres. This is very important.Some fragrance oils have different densities, this can cause miscalculations and you may end up adding too much of one fragrance if it is a thicker liquid and vice versa.

Measuring your fragrance oil in weight (grams) rather than volume (ml) will result in a more accurate wax to fragrance oil ratio.

Digital scales are preferred as they give a much more accurate reading therefor validating your CLP label.

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If you're keeping these for yourself, an airtight Tupperware box will do. If you're selling these you want them to be well packaged to preserve the integrity of the wax melt, you need to hold the scent in. I use small cookie bags. I buy mine off Ebay. If you're selling and shipping you need to make sure you have all your supplies, boxes, tape, internal packaging (shredded paper/tissue) labels. Make sure your orders are well packaged, its important. Its the first impression a customer gets about your products.


You want to label your scents well, people want to know what they're melting. You might be able to distinguish between them but not everyone can.


This alone nearly put me off starting up. When I read that each scent needs its own CLP label by law with the allergens and pictograms with your address and number I thought it all seemed like too much hard work. Well IT'S NOT

There are CLP companies that do the work for you. I use

It's all very straight forward, I promise. Just check them out. There are also other companies out there that are very reputable but I like these.

You can make your own CLP's- I intend to try this soon. I will do a post on CLP labels soon.

All CLP information is found on your suppliers page. For example, when I buy a certain scent on suppliesforcandles, lets say Flowerbomb, I go to the page for that scent and click on 'data sheets & attachments' all the CLP info is in there.


Here is a sample of how a CLP label looks - If you do decide to print off your own, make sure you look up how. There are specific regulations on the CLP label layout, for examples pictograms must be a certain size for them to be valid. Everything I mention here applies to wax melts. I am not knowledgeable on the rules for candle making.

I use safety stickers on my products too, I buy these from suppliers or off Ebay. They're just generic stickers I pop onto the boxes of my orders. I don't know if these are compulsory but I feel better adding them. I always print off a safety sheet too to add to orders.


Get insured. There are so many insurers out there, get one that is right for you that covers you for what you need.

I am not a pro, I learn along the way, like any small business, you have to start somewhere. If you want to chat about any of the topics, please do get intouch. We are on Facebook and Instagram or you can email us -

My next blog will be coming soon. I will describe my methods.

I have spent years buying wax melts and I wholeheartedly believe in my brand. I have perfected what I believe are the best wax melts I have ever used. We get 5 star reviews and I will be sharing how we have perfected our wax melt making methods.

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