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Updated: May 18, 2022

I decided this post was needed after being asked recently 'what is a wax melt'? I assumed everyone knew but why would they..

A wax melt is a scented piece of wax that you warm in a wax warmer so that it releases the scent across your home.

You can use a traditional candle warmer which uses tea lights (my fav)

Or electric plug in burners

Prepare your warmer

Snap off a piece of wax, pop it in the well of your warmer and let the stunning fragrance of our strong wax melts fill your home with the luxury scent.... you will not be disappointed

Wax melts give you better value for money than candles, you can change the scent more often and they give off a stronger scent. In my experience candles take 6% fragrance oils whereas wax melts take 10% so if you prefer stronger scents, wax melts are what you need. Below is a photo of my wax warmer in action, using a 4 hour tea light and melting one of our strong wax melts, this scent filled my whole downstairs and even travelled upstairs filling my home with the stunning aroma

It is recommended you don't use a warmer for longer than 4 hours at a time

Larger warmers may need larger candles, always follow the manufacturers instructions. I have warmers that require good quality tea lights that are 2cm to effectively warm the wax (not the warmer that is pictured I might add)

The warmer the wax gets the more the fragrance is released. It is imperative that you do not leave a burning candle unattended and you do not let your burner overheat, it can crack and ignite and nobody wants a fire!

No matter what burner you choose, never over fill, never allow it to overheat and before each use check your burner for chips and cracks and be aware that hairline cracks maybe hard to see...

I know I go on but safety is paramount with these things

Be mindful that room size, ventilation, your chosen warmer and other factors will affect the scent throw of your chosen fragrance, for instance a wax melt in my kitchen with the door closed is incredibly strong, a wax melt in my open plan living room fills the area and travels up the stairs

The scent I'm melting in the below pic is 'Good Girl' IT IS STUNNING

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