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Rose absolute is blended with fresh lemon zest and gentle geranium for a rich fruity vibe.


Made with coconut & rapeseed wax. 

Minimum 30g

Wax may crack in transit, this does not affect its performance





    Waxes used are always vegan and cruelty free

    Remove all packaging before use. Wash hands after handling. 


    THESE MELTS ARE HIGHLY SCENTED. Some are stronger than others. All scent descriptions are available on the listing. Start with small amounts at a time, this will make your melt go further and last longer. Add more until you get your desired strength. Don’t overload your burner -You don’t need a heavy load. Only use unscented tea lights. Do not use large tea lights, they may cause your burner to overheat. We recommend 2-4 hour tea lights. Do not use 8 hour tea lights, these are not designed for wax burners and can easily overheat. Allow the wax to cool between burns. Use with care. The flame should not be too close to the wax. Use proper wax burners. 

    The strength will also depend on the room size/ventilation, the amount of wax used and even the burner you use can affect scent throw. 

    We are fully CLP compliant and each wax melt will be labelled appropriately. We use high quality materials and fragrance oils. 

    All melts will come compete with CLP allergen information. 

    Bars & clamshells may snap in transit but this does not affect their performance. They’re made to snap :) 


     Colours may vary and some melts maybe glittered. 

    All of our products are handmade using high quality materials so that they perform the best way they can for you. Always read the safety information before use. Approx weights of products are listed on the site however they do vary as each product is hand poured.




    This product is not to be consumed. 

    This product is not edible. DO NOT EAT. 

    Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

    Keep away from flammable materials. 

    Never leave a burning flame unattended. 

    Do not move the burner whilst the wax is melted. 

    May produce an allergic reaction 



    Use within sight. Keep melted wax clear of debris, keep out of reach of children & pets. Never attempt to use the melt as a candle. For safe practice it’s best to allow wax to cool and harden before handling. Do not let the wax overheat. Hot wax can cause injury, please do not touch the hot wax. wax can remain hot for several minutes after the warmer is no longer in use. To avoid splatter, smoke or flame do not add water or fragrance oil to the wax. 

    Water or faults in the burner may cause splatter. If this happens please put out the flame, discard the wax and inspect the burner. Hairline cracks can be hard to see but can cause splatter. Use an unscented tea light if using a tea light burner making sure the wax does not overheat. 

    You may notice vapour coming off the wax melt, this is simply just the scent of the wax being released.  


    If on skin wash, with plenty of soap and water. If irritation persists seek medical advice 

    Never overload your burner 

    All fragrances fade over time: 

    Once the used fragrance has faded you can remove the wax from the burner, we recommend you do this with great care. 


    Some ways you can remove the wax - 


    Let the wax solidify and once the wax is fully set in the dish push it gently to remove the hardened wax disc out. You can use blunt wood or a rubber tool. Wipe down the dish.

    Dispose of the contents/container to an approved disposal site in accordance with local regulations. 

    An alternative way is to let the wax solidify. Then melt the wax just enough so that it loosens on the bottom, then carefully push the wax out and wipe clean. Wipe down the dish. Dispose of the contents/container to an approved disposal site in accordance with local regulations. 

    Alternatively, when the wax is in its melted state, use cotton wool balls to absorb the melted wax and discard. 

    Dispose of the contents/container to an approved disposal site in accordance with local regulations. 

    Always dispose of contents and/or container to approved disposal site in accordance with local regulation. 


    We are not associated with any products or brands.

  • CLP



    May produce an allergic reaction. Safety data sheet available on request.

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