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Scent is a powerful thing, a certain scent can transport back back to a time or a place or a person, have you ever smelt a certain aftershave or perfume and instantly been reminded of a certain person? This is because scent is closely link to parts of the brain that process emotion and memory

Home fragrance is so important, we spend more time in our homes than ever before, we are working from home more and more and we spend money on making our homes look incredible... so they should smell that way too. We follow home accounts and watch cleaning tiktoks (well I do) There is no better feeling than relaxing after a long day in a space that smells and feels fresh

Candles are fab, but for me I prefer wax melts, they are stronger than candles (the wax in a wax melt holds more % of fragrance oil than a candle typically does) this is because the wax melts are not ignited therefore they hold more fragrance giving off a stronger scent throw, they are cheaper than candles and you can change your scent more often than you would using candles.

Today my home smells like Sunny Spring, anybody that walks in comments straight away on how lovely my home smells. Bright Bloom Melts customers regularly tell me how they get positive comments from people asking what they are melting.

What is your favourite kind of scent? How do you like your house or office to smell? Do you like to use different scents for different rooms or does the time of year affect your choice on what you decide to melt?

Let me know in the comments..

Sarah (creator @ Bright Bloom Melts)


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