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The obvious answer is to clean right..

However cleaning may not eradicate all smells, this is where home fragrance comes in. As somebody who is very house proud and finds a lot of pleasure in living in a clean today fresh smelling space I spent years spending a lot of money on expensive scented candles and then I discovered wax melts. Not only are they cheaper but they are also stronger, making them the perfect addition to your home. I then spent a lot of time sourcing the best materials in the industry to create these wax melts, All products are tested and go through rigorous in house quality control. As the creator I never sell anything I wouldn't use in my own home -

Here at Bright Bloom Melts we make strong scented wax melts, you simply choose your scent, snap off a piece, pop it into the well of your burner, let the wax melt and release the unforgettable fragrance into your home, it is that simple.... also better than scented candles as you can change up your fragrance more often with these strong wax melts

Over 50 scents available, all hand made in small batches and ready to be shipped out, what are you waiting for?

Fragrance is the first thing people notice when they enter a home, so of course you want yours to be unforgettable for all the right reasons. From laundry type scents to perfume and aftershave scented wax melts there is something to suit your home fragrance needs

Wax melts also make the perfect gift... Birthday gift? Mothers Day gift? Thank You gift? House warming gift ideas? WE GOT YOU!


Sarah :)


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